Accredited Online University Master’s Programs

Drexel University offers a multitude of pathways to propel your career to new heights, including accredited online programs taught by distinguished experts. Alongside the convenience of flexible scheduling, you’ll have access to a wealth of professional networking opportunities.

Drexel University provides a wide range of online graduate programs in various fields, complemented by valuable student resources. In addition to round-the-clock technical support, students enrolled in the university’s online master’s degree programs can utilize the Steinbright Career Center and the award-winning W.W. Hagerty Library.

Whether you’re pursuing an online MBA, a master’s degree in education, healthcare, medicine, or any other program at Drexel, committing to a degree is a significant endeavor. However, this doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable. What sets Drexel University apart is their unique combination of top-tier dedicated instructors and career-oriented adaptable online courses. The outcome? Graduates who enter the workforce equipped and passionate about their chosen career path!

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Explore our Online Master’s Degrees

Are you prepared to elevate your career? Discover how Drexel University’s online master’s programs can propel you towards your goals:

What is a Master’s Degree?

A master’s degree signifies a high level of mastery or expertise in a specific subject. Beyond making you a more desirable candidate, a master’s degree can expand your earning potential and open doors for advancement in your current job.

Drexel’s online master’s degree programs encompass a comprehensive array of features, including:

  • Flexible Scheduling: Whether you’re a shift worker, a parent, or have responsibilities that demand a flexible schedule, we understand the importance of adaptability for our online students. That’s why most of our online programs allow you to complete weekly assignments at your convenience.
  • Top Accreditations: Drexel University holds regional accreditation, the highest level of accreditation, from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.
  • Support from the Digital Dragon Community: Drexel University offers continuous support to students throughout their educational journey. From enrollment counselors guiding you through the application process to academic advisors supporting you throughout your program, as well as professors dedicated to your development and fellow classmates offering assistance, you will have all the support necessary for your success. Learn more about the support available to our students.
  • Classes Led by Experts in their Fields: Drexel’s faculty comprises exceptional researchers in their respective fields who have also distinguished themselves in their industries, contributing to Drexel’s achievement of its prestigious R1 research status.
  • Professional Networking Opportunities: Drexel University is home to a diverse group of professionals spread across the globe. As a Drexel student, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with this extensive network of fellow Dragons.
  • 24/7 Technical Support: Recognizing that working professionals complete their coursework at their convenience, we offer round-the-clock technical support to assist students whenever needed.

Are Online Master’s Degrees Credible?

Earning your master’s degree through an online or hybrid format at a regionally-accredited university demands the same level of time and commitment as a traditional classroom. In today’s landscape, online degrees are just as credible as their traditional counterparts, with the key distinction lying in the flexibility, social interaction, and learning style provided by online programs.

An online master’s degree program is just as credible as a traditional degree as long as it’s earned at a regionally accredited university while meeting additional criteria such as a physical campus presence and an established brand.

How Long Does an Online Master’s Program Take to Complete?

A master’s degree program typically requires two years of study. However, the flexibility of an online university allows you to complete your master’s degree in less than two years, depending on your level of commitment.

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What are the Benefits of a Master’s Degree?

Pursuing a master’s degree offers excellent advantages for your career. By dedicating time to furthering your education, you showcase your commitment to your work to potential employers.

How exactly can a master’s degree benefit your career?

  • Competitive Advantage: Continuing your educational journey demonstrates to employers that you possess advanced education and higher-tier credentials, and you remain dedicated to continuously expanding your knowledge.
  • Career Advancement: Earning a master’s degree can assist you in transitioning to a managerial or leadership position at your current or future job.
  • Salary Increase: While not guaranteed and subject to location and industry, pursuing a graduate degree and advancing your career may lead to an increase in your earning potential.
  • Learning with the Best: Earning your graduate degree at Drexel places you within a network of ambitious Dragons known for their innovation, workforce readiness, and leadership.

What is the Difference Between a Master’s Degree and a Doctoral Degree?

Although differences exist between these two graduate degrees, both have a positive impact on your career. Consider the following factors when contemplating pursuing an online graduate degree:

  • A doctorate is a more advanced degree.
  • You can pursue a master’s degree in various fields and subjects, while doctorates are ideal for those seeking careers in education or research.
  • A dissertation is typically required at the conclusion of a doctorate program.
  • A master’s degree usually takes 2-3 years to complete, while a doctoral program takes 4-8 years.