CNA Training Programs in Chicago: A Comprehensive Guide

If you have aspirations of becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA) in Chicago, you can complete your training in a mere six weeks. There are numerous options available in the city, including programs offered by local hospitals, community colleges, and other providers. These accelerated and affordable CNA classes in Chicago focus on developing essential skills in clinical diagnostics and patient-centered care. Some programs even offer online options, making it incredibly convenient to obtain your certification and start working in this high-demand field.

This comprehensive guide is designed to provide you with all the information you need to find a quality CNA program and launch your nursing career in the Chicago area. It showcases the best CNA programs available, outlines the necessary steps to enter the profession, and addresses common questions from prospective students like yourself. So, let’s dive in and embark on your CNA journey in Chicago.

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Top-notch CNA Classes and Training Programs in Chicago

When considering CNA classes in Chicago, affordability and state approval are the key factors to bear in mind. To help you kickstart your program search, we have identified the finest programs available, taking into account these crucial criteria. The schools highlighted below stand out due to their quality, accredited programming, lowest tuition rates, and exceptional student support. Start your nursing career on the right foot and discover which schools shine in 2022.

FAQs About CNA Classes and Training in Chicago

Insights into Online CNA Classes in Chicago

While there aren’t many schools offering online CNA classes in Chicago, a few are embracing alternative models. Most programs still require significant on-campus attendance, but there is a shift towards hybrid instruction. This involves combining online or hybrid coursework for theoretical aspects with in-person learning for clinical components.

Medway Healthcare Institute is a prime example of this new flexibility. Their eight-week hybrid course allows students to complete 120 contact hours. The theory-based content is delivered online, while labs and hands-on experiences are conducted in-person. Anmut School of Nursing follows a similar hybrid model with 80 hours of online didactic material and 40 hours of in-person clinical experience. For more information on these delivery methods, refer to our comprehensive guide on online CNA classes.

The Path to Becoming a CNA in Chicago

Completing an accredited training program with state approval is a fundamental prerequisite for working as a CNA in Chicago. However, there are a few additional requirements you must fulfill before embarking on your career. The Illinois Department of Health provides guidelines for this process, which involves the following main steps:

  • Passing a written competency exam that evaluates your basic nursing skills and knowledge
  • Completing a criminal background check
  • Providing official transcripts from your program

Moreover, all CNA candidates in Illinois must be at least 16 years old and proficient in speaking and understanding English, or the primary language of the facility where they will work. Once you have completed these steps, you can submit your CNA application and receive official certification. For a more detailed understanding of the process, consult our guide on becoming a CNA in Illinois.

Earnings Outlook: How Much Do CNAs Make in Chicago?

As the table below indicates, the salary potential for CNAs in Chicago closely aligns with national trends. Median earnings for graduates in the greater Chicago area surpass those of working professionals in similar roles nationwide, and these numbers surpass pay rates in other parts of Illinois. Chicago stands out as the most favorable metropolitan area for CNAs in the state, offering more opportunities for higher earning potential.

Annual Earnings for CNAs in Chicago

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2020