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If you have a passion for business and a love for sports, pursuing an online sports management degree is a fantastic goal to strive for. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the field of entertainment and sports occupations is projected to grow by a staggering 13 percent from 2021 to 2031. This growth rate is significantly faster than the average for most other occupations. With roles such as business managers and sports agents earning an average annual wage of $116,410, sports management can certainly be a lucrative career path.

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What is Sports Management?

Sports management is the business side of sports and recreation, encompassing the commercial aspects of the industry. Many people enjoy sports, and some are particularly drawn to the excitement and challenges inherent in the field. Individuals with these qualities can pursue online sports degrees and build successful careers in the sports management industry.

The field of sports management is vast, with professionals working for professional clubs and organizations such as the National Football League (NFL), the National Basketball Association (NBA), the Major League Baseball (MLB), and the National Hockey League (NHL). Sports managers also find employment in recreational departments and sports marketing agencies, taking on roles such as event managers, facilities managers, sports economists, and more. They can also work in finance, promotion, and information professions, among others.

In addition to working as agents and managers, sports management professionals may pursue careers as athlete development specialists, contract analysts, event coordinators, athletic coaches, sports lawyers, sport marketers, contract administrators, directors of operations, and public relations specialists, among other roles.

Online Degrees in Sports Management

Online education has become more prevalent than ever, with colleges and universities offering an array of online platforms. From free classes and bootcamps to certifications and degree programs, there is a wide range of online education opportunities available. Online degree programs in sports management are widely accessible for those who wish to enter the field. Online programs offer several advantages:

  1. Flexibility: Online programs allow you to pursue your goals at your own pace. You can access course materials remotely and study according to your own schedule.
  2. Convenience: Online degrees are ideal for individuals who need to work while completing their degree. It allows them to balance their professional commitments while pursuing their education.
  3. Location Independence: Earning your sports management degree online gives you the freedom to study from anywhere in the world.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: Online programs are generally more affordable than on-campus programs, as they eliminate expenses like housing, meal plans, and commuting costs.

Methodology for Online Sports Management Degrees

In order to identify the top 25 online sports management degree programs, we conducted research using the NCES College Navigator. We focused on colleges that offer online sports management degrees and looked for accreditation by the Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA), the official organization responsible for accrediting sport management programs. We also took into consideration factors such as student-to-faculty ratios, undergraduate net cost, graduation rates, and additional accreditations.

Considering these factors, we devised a rating system and narrowed down the list to the top 25 programs. Below are the programs that made the cut:

Best Online Sports Management Bachelor Degrees

School Student:Faculty Ratio Undergrad Net Price Graduation Rate Score
Culver-Stockton College 14:1 $20,567 49% 3
Keiser University-Ft Lauderdale 16:1 $31,984 67% 4
McKendree University 15:1 $25,492 56% 4
Maryville University of Saint Louis 13:1 $24,733 73% 4
Missouri Baptist University 20:1 $23,356 41% 4
Post University 21:1 $22,328 20% 4
Southern New Hampshire University 24:1 $21,502 39% 4
Toccoa Falls College 15:1 $20,969 53% 4
Eastern Kentucky University 15:1 $14,271 48% 4
Wilmington University 12:1 $13,780 23% 4
University of Alaska Fairbanks 12:1 $9,379 38% 4
University of Iowa 15:1 $17,599 74% 5
Colorado Mesa University 18:1 $15,324 38% 5
Bellevue University 19:1 $15,229 23% 5
Mercy College 15:1 $15,027 71% 5
American Public University 22:1 $11,916 49% 5
Concordia University – Saint Paul 18:1 $15,944 53% 6
University of Memphis 16:1 $14,251 57% 6
Monroe College 16:1 $12,054 57% 6
University of Minnesota Crookston 16:1 $11,935 56% 6
Florida International University 24:1 $9,398 67% 6
University of Florida – Online 49:1 $9,024 72% 6
Davenport University 15:1 $18,924 48% 9
Shorter University 15:1 $16,438 37% 9
Troy University 16:1 $12,486 52% 11

Closing Thoughts

The field of sports management offers a wide range of career possibilities. The opportunities for growth and advancement are diverse, allowing individuals to pursue fulfilling, lucrative careers in the industry. We invite you to explore the top online sports management degree programs listed above. An online sports degree in sports management can open doors to exciting lifelong career opportunities that are both financially rewarding and personally fulfilling.

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