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Updated for 2022.

Alo Moves is a unique streaming service offered by the renowned brand, Alo. By signing up for Alo Moves, you gain access to an extensive selection of unlimited yoga, fitness, and meditation classes led by expert instructors. While this on-demand exercise service has several standout features, it may not cater to everyone’s preferences and needs.

Before you commit to the free trial period, it’s important to delve deeper into the Alo Moves style of routines, the equipment required, the space needed, the subscription cost, and the target audience that would benefit the most from this service.

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Who is Alo brand?

The Alo brand originated in 2007 as a clothing line primarily focused on yoga. Over time, it expanded its offerings to include Alo yoga studios. Today, Alo has introduced Alo Moves, an on-demand workout service that allows individuals to exercise from the comfort of their homes.

The inspiring Alo brand story and their commitment to making a positive impact on the environment are highlighted in this video:

If you prefer reading about the Alo mission, you can find more information by clicking here.

The Workout Styles on Alo Moves

Despite its association with yoga, the Alo Moves membership includes far more than just yoga workouts. With a diverse range of categories, including fitness (such as strength training, barre, Pilates, and HIIT), yoga, mindfulness (meditation routines), and skills training (learning advanced yoga poses like headstands or splits), Alo Moves has something for everyone.

However, the platform truly excels in providing exceptional yoga routines:

Variety of yoga workout styles on Alo Moves

While I had high expectations for the yoga aspect of Alo Moves, I was equally impressed by their cardio and strength training exercises. Throughout my review period, I focused on testing out the “Fitness” category, which includes strength training, core workouts, HIIT routines, and barre classes. Each workout left me completely satisfied.

The classes available on Alo Moves create an intimate and personalized experience with the instructors. Although the music selection is not as prominent as in services like Les Mills on Demand, it still adds to the overall workout experience.

The extensive library of Alo Moves encompasses thousands of workouts across all categories, with new additions every week.

Instructors on Alo Moves

Alo Moves boasts a diverse lineup of instructors, both male and female. As you explore the platform, you may find yourself drawn to specific instructors and eagerly anticipate their new routines.

Equipment Required for Alo Moves

To fully participate in the workouts available on Alo Moves, you will need a yoga mat, an exercise loop, and light dumbbells weighing between 2 and 10 pounds. For some yoga workouts, a yoga block may be optional.

Workout Durations on Alo Moves

Alo Moves offers a wide range of workout durations to accommodate varying schedules and preferences. You can choose from quick 10-minute routines to more intense workouts lasting up to 90 minutes. The platform provides a filtering system where you can refine your search based on duration, instructor, style, difficulty level, and intensity.

Space Required for Alo Moves Workouts

While it is impossible for me to have personally tested every routine in the vast library, I have tried a considerable number of workouts from each category. I can confidently say that Alo Moves workouts are designed to be effective even in limited space. As long as you have enough room to perform lunges in all directions, you should be able to comfortably complete any routine. However, I recommend allowing for ample space to ensure safety during your at-home workouts.

My Favorite Workouts on Alo Moves

As of now, my personal favorites on Alo Moves are the barre workouts and the various yoga routines.

Who Is Alo Moves For?

Alo Moves caters to both men and women who have a passion for yoga or desire to incorporate more yoga into their workout routine. Although the platform offers workouts in other categories, yoga remains the highlight of the service. If you have no interest in yoga, you might be better off exploring alternative streaming workout services to ensure you don’t miss out on the primary strength of Alo Moves.

Alo Moves accommodates all levels of fitness, providing workouts suitable for beginners as well as advanced individuals. The platform’s filtering system enables you to easily select routines tailored to your fitness level. Personally, as an intermediate-level yoga practitioner and advanced exerciser in other areas, I find the filtering options incredibly helpful in streamlining my workout selection process.

Subscription Cost for Alo Moves

Alo Moves offers a 14-day free trial period. Following the trial, you can choose between a monthly subscription or an annual subscription, which provides a slight discount.

Currently, the cost of Alo Moves membership is $20 per month or $199 per year. Keep in mind that prices may vary, so it’s important to check the most up-to-date pricing information.

How to Sign Up for Alo Moves

You can sign up for the free trial directly through the app or from your computer. I recommend using a computer to ensure you don’t miss any crucial details that may be easily overlooked on a smaller screen.

Prior to signing up, you will be asked to complete a survey. While this step is optional, it is highly beneficial in providing a more personalized experience. However, you can always skip the survey and complete it later.

Once you’ve completed the sign-up process, you will need to download the Alo Moves app to access your workouts on any device. Note that there are two distinct Alo apps in the app store: the Alo Yoga app for shopping and the Alo Moves app, which grants access to the workout library.

Should you decide to cancel your membership, be aware that you will need to sign in to your account through a web browser rather than canceling via the mobile app subscription settings, as is the case with many other app subscriptions on an iPhone.

The Best Thing About Alo Moves

It is difficult to pinpoint a single aspect that stands out as the best feature of Alo Moves. Therefore, I will highlight several aspects I love about this streaming workout service.

The filtering system is incredibly versatile, allowing you to narrow down your search based on specific criteria. Whether you’re seeking a particular workout style or difficulty level, Alo Moves’ filters make it easy to find what you’re looking for. The same convenient filtering options are available on both the app and desktop versions.

Another standout feature of Alo Moves is the abundance of equipment-free workouts available in their library. This is a refreshing change, as many workout services heavily rely on equipment. Additionally, Alo Moves workouts are designed to require minimal space, making them perfect for travel or when you’re limited to a small workout area at home.

How Could Alo Moves Be Even Better?

One minor improvement I suggest is adding the workout duration to the video thumbnail in the mobile app. The current layout only displays this information on the desktop version. This addition would provide more convenience for users, as they would not have to click through to each workout to determine its duration.

Alo Moves thumbnail displaying workout duration on desktop view
Alo Moves shows workout durations on thumbnail images in desktop view

UPDATE: I’m happy to inform you that you can now change the view on your mobile device to see the workout length displayed on the thumbnails. Simply click the icon in the corner of the screen to switch to this view.

Is Alo Moves Worth the Investment? My Recommendation

Considering the high-quality workouts, professional instructors, extensive library of routines, and user-friendly app interface, Alo Moves unquestionably justifies its $20 monthly cost. If you regularly work out at home, subscribing to a paid on-demand exercise service like Alo Moves is a missed opportunity to add variety to your fitness routine.

Whether you’re already a yoga enthusiast, looking to incorporate more yoga into your routine, or new to yoga altogether, Alo Moves has something to offer you. I highly recommend taking advantage of the free trial period and experiencing the service firsthand.

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